Selasa, 02 November 2010

The Corrs-Irresistable

you're irresistable, you're mine

dont want you for the weekend, dont want you for a day
dont need a love divided, dont want to feel this way.
see i want you to need me, (the way that i need you)
just like i need you (the way i see you)
and i want you to see me, like no-one before

you're irresistable, you're natural, and physical
it's indefinable, it's magical, illogical.
So make-you-mineable,
You're mine

so cant you see im tortured, oh cant you hear my pain?
if youd just let me show you (show you)
i'll be your summer rain
then you'll feel that you want me (the way i feel it)
just like i want you ( the way i want you)
and you know nothings better,
its like nothing before

you're irresistable,you're natural, and physical
its indefinable, magical, illogical,
so make-you-mine-able,
you're mine

now you feel what im feeling (dont you feel what im feeling)
dont you know that its more (it can take you places)
it can take you places, like never before

you're irresistable, you're natural, and physical.
its indifineable, magical, and illogical,
so make-you-mine-able,
your mine.

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