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Silent Hill Mobile 2 Story

The game begins with a dialogue between Karen and Lucas:
- Do not touch that locker!
- Who ...? Where am I?
- Lucas I'm sorry, but I do not want you to get the wrong impression.
- Who are you?
- My sweet Lucas, do not remember?
- You seem so foreign to me ...
- My little darling, I'll take care of you. You are so special.
- ...
- Close your eyes.
You play as Lucas and are now in the Locker Room Hospital. Look at the lockers at the end of the room. Having designed by the name Karen, and is locked with a padlock. A nameplate in the locker closest to the right is a bit loose. Get Bill's design. Exit the room.Turn left, go ahead and turn left once again. You have to find a map on the wall beside the door. Getting and you will find that it is currently on the 1st floor. Enter side door on the map. Look at the painting of two adults and a child locked inside a cage on the wall. Wax Crayon Take the red from the small table next to the wall. Now go to the Basement and enter the laundry. Open the washing machine to get dirty Doll from it. Now go to floor 2 and enter the only open space Patients. Check the wall to find some numerical Roman - II V I.IX Back to floor 1 and found the door with the key code. Use the key code to enter the number in 2591 (the Roman numeric) and enter the door. A dialogue with Karen will begin:
- Who ... Who is this?
- Lucas ...
- Why do you keep calling me that!?
- Because it is you. That is your name.
- Me? My name? It's me ... I do not know ... I do not ...
- Yes?
- I. .. I do not remember!
- You will, I promise. I never disappoint you, have I?
- No. .. But ... I. .. I do not ... Stop! Out ... out ...
- Lucas! Do not! You need to focus!
- I. .. My ... my skin feels warm ...
After the dialogue get Notepad from the clutches of the corpse. The Notepad said: "Mark me as a person who is dead Mark me. With a red Mark manner. I went straight to hell. "This is a clue to what you have to pull on the painting. Return to Waiting Room and use the Wax Crayon on the painting. Connect the dots rod to draw a triangle like this:
A dialogue will start again:
- Lucas! Please remain calm! All you need to do is wait for a man to come!
- Who is this guy? What should I do with him?
- We must punish him, Lucas! Finally I found it. Now he will have to pay!
- Why? I'm not sure ... I do not understand ... Who is he?
- He is the reason for our pain, for your pain! But if we catch it, the pain will end. I promise!
- Pain ... I feel ... empty ... I need to know ...
- Lucas, listening. We must not fail ... I. .. We must have him ...
- But I need to know what ...
- Lucas, we must punish him!
- Everything seemed so strange ... Is it all real? What happens with this picture?
- What have you done!? Go! Do not come here!
Triangles in the image shine now. Touch the mark to enter the Other World. You can now use this symbol to switch between the Normal World and the Other World. Go to the room in the south. There will be some twitching of meat hanging from the ceiling in the purse strings. Having a paper attached. Take these papers. descendants of paper saying: "Brad committed suicide. Bill is the father of Marie. Sarah go Marie. Lucas here. Bill is hanging from the ceiling. Karen is "dead. Now exit the room and went to the Locker Room. There is a cage there with a board name other than that. Take Lucas' design. Get to the Basement and find a door with a metal plate near it. This nameplates on it, but some are missing. Put Lucas' and nameplates Bill and check the plate. Now you have to press three nameplates in the correct sequence. descent To do that you must check the paper and find some people to connect: "Bill is the father of Marie Marie. Lucas here. " So press the nameplates in the middle column for this: Bill, Marie, Lucas. door will open. There is a bird cage in there. Doll Put into it and a slot at the bottom of the bird cage will open. Get Small Key from it. Karen will speak again:
- Lucas ... Leave it alone ... Please ...
- What is it?
- This guy came to us immediately, Lucas. She was on her way. If we catch him, everything will be good again. The pain will go away ... Lucas, please listen to me.
- I can not ... What I saw was dirt, I bleed ... Take me away from here ...
- Lucas, we need to be in this together. We are ... a family ...
- Do not touch me! I do not know you! Who are you?
- Lucas ... Please ...
Back to the World Normal, and went to the Locker Room. Use the small padlock on Karen's locker and opened it:
- It ... It's empty.
- Go from there!
- I could hear the screams ...
- Run Lucas! You have to run!
- I can not ... I'm bleeding! They bleed all! They all will bleed!
Do not go to the Other World and returned to the Locker Room to check out Karen's locker.This will open and you will find a dead fetus inside. Check them:
- They ... They all die ... fetus ... All the dead ...
- I. .. Lucas ...
- You kill them?
- They're already dead, Lucas ... After the orphanage ... If I could only save one, who will redeem everything, and they are all so special, every one of them ...
- What do you mean? Are not I special? You said I was the only one!
- Yes, you. There is only one I could have saved ...
- ...
- Lucas, you should ...
- No! You have betrayed me for this! I. .. ... It's blood everywhere! Burn me!
- Lucas, do not do this! You need to understand! Let me explain! We are a family, you should listen! Come into my office and we can arrange it all ...
Karen went to the office in which you are notified Basement floor (the door with a metal plate in addition). You will find there Karen. Talking with him:
- Lucas I'm sorry. I know that you ... you are so special.
- I'm not special and do not you! You lied to me all my life!
- I care for you. No one else did. They want you to die!
- You lie, they are everywhere. They were all I could hear. They fill my head ... I want them to go! They need to go!
- Lucas, listening. He will come. All the pain will stop. I promise!
- All this is situated ... far ... They need to go ...
- Lucas, my son, listen to me. We must not fail ... Please ...
- They must go!
- Lucas ...
Use the Steel Pipe at the head of Karen:
- Bleed witch ...
"I know all the red fields .. Burn the flesh. Meet me at the hospital in Silent Hill or I will tell ".
Now you play as Vincent. Turn right and take the map off the wall. Try to enter the nearest door - the voice will speak:
- So, you've come ...
- Who is this? Identify yourself!
- I'll play with you first.
- Say what?
- ...
Go to the Office of the Karen in the Basement. There you will find Karen's death. Take the key hanging on the wall surgery. Then open the desk drawer to find a recipe. Check the recipe to learn the text written on the back: "A pair of rain fell from the sky as they landed on the ground, a child is born ...." Get to the 2nd floor and into the surgery room using the key. You will find more dead bodies there. Taking a scalpel from his feet. Exit and go to the middle Patient Room. Note that the mattress bed a bit torn up. Use the scalpel on the bed to get a Quarter. Exit the room and saw wending machine with stickers "1 dollar" at the end of the corridor. Now you can go to the Waiting Room on the 1st floor (one with a symbol).Check the 2 chairs on the left to get a chair leg. Touch the symbol to switch to the Other World. Go to the 2nd floor and enter the patient room left. Use a scalpel to get the Quarter from the sticky on the seat. Then use the chair legs to get some substance at the end. You can enter two different room patients to get a First-Aid Kit and Pistol Ammo. You can always get them there when you need. Get to floor 1 and found the picture on the wall. Now the skin with dried blood on it. Use a scalpel to carve in it. If you recall, the text on the painting in the Real World said: "This is the way to God." You have to carve this way this way:
When you are finished, you will hear a click of the remote door opening, but it will be a door in the Normal World. Before turning the world to go to space in the south. You'll find the meat hanging in there. Press 1 to use your gun to fire into the net (the goal must be red) and bring it down. Use the scalpel on flesh to get the filing cabinet key. Now back to the room with a symbol and switch to the Normal World. Find a Doctor Office (opposite the lift) is now open and enter it. Open the drawer of the desk to get one more Quarter. Then use the key to unlock the Cabinet Submission to the left. Open it and you'll find the Plate X-Ray. Now visit the south chamber (with the lock). drain Check to see that there is a shining coin in there. Sticky Feet Use the Chair for the last Quarter. Now that you have all the coins to the wending machine on the 2nd floor, use the Quarters on it and press the red button - you will receive a wallet. Check your wallet to get a Piece of Paper. Paper read: "Half a decade later, he uttered his first words and said:" Let Me Go "Six weeks later. He died. "Go to Room Surgery on the same floor and using X-Ray plate on lightbox and you'll find that there is something in the body. Use a scalpel to cut the corpse lay nearby and received the Bronze Key. Go the first floor and found a door with three keys at the end of the corridor. Use the key to unlock the Bronze bronze. Then you must enter the right digits in the key code. Instructions to come digits from text written in the recipe and Piece Paper: "a pair of rain" - 2, "a child" - 1, "half a decade" - 5, "the first words:" Let Me Go "- 3," six weeks "- 6 code will be 21 536 .. Once this voice will speak:
- Come and you will find what you're looking for.
- Who is this? Are you the person who wrote this letter?
- Down.
Go to the Otherworld. Patients went to the room on the 2nd floor if you're out of ammo and First-Aid Kit - You'll need it. Then get to the Basement. Go to the south and the voice will speak to them again
- Father ... you have never been so close before. Come here ... I have something to say ...
Forward wall with a face and a dialogue will begin:
- Finally ...
- Who are you?
- He called Lucas.
- He? Do you mean that the woman in the office?
- Yes.
- But ... why?
- The story of his ... lies ... But the pain ...
- What story? What do you mean!
- Pain ... I still can feel the burn ... ... She said you are guilty!
- Why ... How do you know?
- So, maybe he was right after all ...
- You do not understand! I'm just trying to help!
- Only one way to end this ...
Shoot Lucas. After the battle get the Iron Key from the ground. Back to the World Normal and unlock the last lock on the door with the key tree. Enter the door. You will find yourself in a dark room with a chair and some creatures move. End dialogue would begin:
- It's all dark in here ... but it feels weird ... I better get out of here quick ...
- Do you really think you're going with all this?
- What? No. .. No

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